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The Sharp Firm Launches Web Accessibility Compliance Tools

By May 10, 2022Firm News
Sharp Firm Accessibe Icon

At The Sharp Firm, human rights are a priority. That’s why we support the needs of all our website users including those with disabilities. We’re proud to announce our launch of a suite of web accessibility tools that meet compliance standards for WCAG 2.1, ADA Title III, Section 508 and EAA/EN 301549. We invite you to try out the tools for yourself – just tap/click on the teal icon located on the lower right corner of our website to expand our Accessibility Adjustments panel.

Sharp Firm Web Accessibility Tools

Disabilities Covered By Our Web Accessibility Tools


Motor Impaired

Cognitive Disorder


Vision Impaired

Hearing Impaired

Sharp Firm Web Accessibility Tools

Choosing an Industry-Leading Resource

Our  Web Accessibility tools are powered by accessiBe, which uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology to enable our website visitors to make adjustments to our website design and user interface. The adjustments encompass not only support for screen readers and keyboard navigation, but also key modifications for our users with disabilities:

  • Screen reader optimization
  • Keyboard navigation optimization
  • Comprehension adjustments
  • Prevention of flashing animations
  • Color, saturation, contrast, scale and size adjustments for design elements
  • Closed captions for videos for the hearing impaired