Mediation, Arbitration and Pre-dispute Resolution

Sometimes litigation isn’t the answer. Whether you have already been offered new employment, have a well-known employer, or just don’t feel that a trial is for you, our law firm is well-versed in mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution techniques. Longtime employee-advocate Joe Golden is well-known for using negotiation to ensure that his clients receive the respect that they deserve. His lifetime of relationships allows him to reach out to the right person, the first time, to resolve your matter discreetly and positively. Joe truly believes that even if matters can’t be resolved through litigation, sometimes they need to be in the interest of equity and fairness. All of the firm’s attorneys have successfully negotiated dozens of cases to final resolution prior to trial, both before and after filing cases in State and Federal court. If you are still employed, just received a severance agreement or think you see the ‘writing on the wall’ don’t hesitate to contact our law firm regarding your options.

Real Estate Law

Heidi Sharp has extensive experience and knowledge in Landlord/Tenant matters, Property Management, Leases, Contracts, commercial property, buy/sell contracts and management, foreign investor purchase of property and management and negotiation of purchase agreements. In fact, in 2009 Heidi Sharp obtained a $200,000 verdict in Wayne County Circuit Court against a landlord who illegally evicted a tenant and fraudulently obtained two years’ rent from them, and in 2010 helped a small business owner obtain a deed in lieu of foreclosure agreement on a $1.5 million note on their commercial property, without a bankruptcy filing. She has negotiated over $3.5 million in debt for individuals and business, without bankruptcy filings and often successfully negotiates tenant/landlord disputes without court intervention.

Other Matters

The attorneys at The Sharp Firm have gained experience in other matters through their years of dedication to the law. If you believe that your matter is not covered by these categories or are looking for the assistance of an attorney who we trust, we are always happen to point you to a trusted legal source who we can personally recommend.