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Heidi Sharp Speaks at Labor & Employment Law Institute’s 43rd Annual ICLE Seminar

By April 20, 2018June 8th, 2018Firm News

Burgess Sharp & Golden principal Heidi Sharp presented at the Labor & Employment Law Institute’s 43rd Annual ICLE Seminar in April 2018 at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, MI and received high evaluations from seminar attendees for her Equal Employment Opportunity Update.

Comments from seminar registrants included:

  • “Excellent, dynamic, useful presentation!”
  • “Great team.”
  • “Good presentation with takeaways.”
  • “Loved the back and forth.”
  • “Knowledgeable.”
  • “Nice interaction between presenters. I liked the way both sides were presented.”
  • “Kept us with them through their ‘conversation.'”
  • “I like these presenters as a pair very much.”
  • “Loved the interaction between both!”
  • “Fantastic insight and comments, smart observations.”
  • “Love the ‘my side – your side’ technique. Great tag team!”
  • “Both speakers presented the material in an efficient, entertaining manner.”
  • “Nice banter between the two. Nice additions to what is printed. Less on slides.”
  • “Also a good speaker. Loved how the two interacted during the presentation. They offered great takeaways.”
  • “Opposing views make this very informative. Great format.”

Visit the ICLE website to learn more about the organization